8 thoughts on “Raine’s Banners

  1. soo bin says:

    annyeong ha seyo,raine agassi!our si hoo will fly to japan tomorrow late afternoon for his 3 days of JFM. lucky japanese fans!!!

  2. soo bin says:

    i like the second one. “very you”.purrfect for the rantings.your legitimate passion is there,the cello and our insanity,PSH!^.^

  3. soo bin says:

    both ok!but the second one is more to me.timmy cutie is there.is that bi as in rain?cello obviously represents your legitimate passion and PSH,hmmm,what can i say?our insanity!cheers,chin gu!

    • Raine says:

      Yes, it’s Bi as in Rain. Ya, the first one was all about my personality. I’m going to make more like that and more of individual actors. Sorry, for some reason this comment went into spam…bad WordPress! BAD!

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