Prosecutor Princess aniGIF: Episode 7 Stolen Kiss

by: Raine

This is when Seo In-woo (PARK SHI-HOO) steals a kiss from Ma Hye-ri (KIM SO-YEON) in order to provoke Yoon Se-joon (HAN JUNG-SOO). We all know he wanted to kiss her. And we all liked watching him kiss her!

Production Details

Episodes: 16

Broadcast network: SBS

Broadcast Period: 3.31.10 to 5.20.1

Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

Director: Jin Hyuk

Screenwriter: So Hyun-kyung

Published by Raine

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5 thoughts on “Prosecutor Princess aniGIF: Episode 7 Stolen Kiss

  1. that’s the thing with psh.he has many surprises up his sleeves!you never know when either you drop your jaw or just get mummified staring at his face because of the killer smile.and the kiss is the ultimate!
    whether the director has asked him to “stylyze a kissing scene” or it is purely his own artistic craft at doing it,the result of any psh kissing is always!!! an unforgettable one.something for every woman’s dream.
    kamsa ham nida,raine chin gu for this blog again.that’s why i love you, have the right sense of timing all the that it’s kinda quiet on the waterfront with our man,i/we miss him and really dying to hear anything latest about him.cheers!

    1. Ya, did you know its only one frame, the full smile? It’s so short it’s sad! Now everytime I see a moment I love, it gets aniGIF’d!

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