Raine’s Take on Park Shi-hoo Scandal

by: Raine

As most/all of you know, I’m a Park Shi-hoo fan. I mean, a MAJOR fan. So it should come as no surprise that the recent allegations of rape have basically blindsided me and left me absolutely incredulous.

I’ve never been a fangirl before and never really understood what a fangirl’s heartbreak felt like. It seemed rather silly to me.

But now I get it.

I came to admire Park Shi-hoo while watching Prosecutor Princess for his acting. No, really, his acting. He became attractive to me as time went on. Then I read about him and thought, wow, this guy worked really hard to get where he is. Like me. I work HARD for my tiny lot in life. I’m a musician. Nothing is easy as a musician. And I related to Park Shi-hoo in that way.

He also had no scandals under his belt. He lived quietly like Tom Hanks. I like that in an actor. Keeping business, business. Keeping personal, personal.

And then this happened. I will not report on what’s going on. That’s not my job nor do I want responsibility for misinforming people. But I need to get my opinion out. I’m so frustrated that I surprise myself.

Sexual assault of any kind should NEVER be condoned. I have known people, young and old, men and women, who have suffered at the hands of others who verbally and physically sexually assaulted them. I assure you that I know the gravity of the charges.

And those charges work both ways. If they’re true, they’re devastating on the victim’s mind and body. If they’re false, the accused will suffer whether or not innocence is proven. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Thus we have our dilemma. Park Shi-hoo is now the accused of a sexual assault case and Miss A is the accuser. We have two people and two stories. One truth. Whether or not it will be revealed, we don’t know.

Again, I do NOT condone sexual assault. It is an unforgivable crime.

That said, as a honest fan of Park Shi-hoo, I will believe in his innocence until proven otherwise. I will NOT malign Miss A (although I might have had a nasty comment at the beginning…). My official stance is to have faith in Park Shi-hoo and to keep silent on Miss A.

I wish that no more hurt comes to pass, although I have a feeling that wish will remain unfulfilled.

If you have something to say, please do so. I won’t tolerate any hate comments against either party though. Not cool. There’s enough of that going around.

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31 thoughts on “Raine’s Take on Park Shi-hoo Scandal

  1. According to the Supreme Court, a total of 111 women have been convicted of making false accusations about sex crimes from January last year to June this year. Sixty-five of them received probation and 25 of them were sentenced to jail, while 20 were ordered to pay a fine and one was given a suspended sentence.

  2. I’ve kept pretty quiet about this myself and I’m a HUGE PSH fan too. (I’ve been thinking of you off & on for a few weeks now – Glad lots of people rushed to see how you’re doing) As a fan, I’m heartbroken and worried for PSH. As a woman, I’m sad and anxious. I will believe in his innocence until I’m shown proof otherwise. I’m not paying any attention to the media or gossip blogs at all. He’s in my prayers (and you are too)

    1. Thanks love. There is one site that is posting only official news (and a few fan laments). So I’m reading things there. And avoiding everything else. Silence is the best. I don’t want to spread poison. There is enough of that around. FIGHTING!

      1. Hello. I, too am a PSH fan. I have seen his works and read about him. Yes, it is frustrating to hear things about him this way. I would like you to rest your mind about things as I have been doing. I would like to just share this: My family and I have gone through a situation that was as heart breaking as this but we have survived. What I am saying is there will always be that light that shines and keeps us moving on. To you, to PSH and to the rest of us everywhere, Let us not take it to heart…things happen…maybe it will lead on towards something better, or maybe the best is yet to come. let’s keep each other company for the time being, watching his shows/dramas and be there for him on the sideline. Fighting. Smile always. 😉

  3. When i read Lynne’s comment, somehow i feel that judgement has already been passed on PSH! She says that she doesn’t know him personally and yet forms her own conclusion about him based on media reports and watching TV interviews. Just because he talks only about cats, family, physical training, he’s not intellectual? Now that I am not working and when people ask me, i do not talk about the important projects that I used to handle and will just tell that I am resting and baking for orphanages. Does this mean that my level of intelligence is questionable too? Sad.

  4. Thanks for your post, raine. I have also been feeling really sad since I read the reports. I never really thought about psh’s personal life – only that I really enjoyed his acting. Even if this mess is cleared up, I will have a hard time watching psh without thinking about this incident (as much as I want to forget it)! K dramas are idealistic and often illustrate the best of humanity – that is why I watch them. It is hard to have my dreamworld shattered…

  5. Oh Raine, knowing how much you adore PSH, I came to check on you. I hope for all PSH’s fans sake that these allegations aren’t true. Be strong dear.

  6. I thought of you, too, after reading the news.
    Of course this is NOT a conversation any of us want to be having. Like every other sensational story with very little revealed, it attracts all sorts of theories on what happened.
    I am completely amazed how quickly people are jumping to conclusions either way.
    It’s personal and complicated. Like you said, only the people involved know what happened. Whether it is a crime or poor judgement, there will need to be a lot of time for healing.
    Now that it is public, I hope that both parties will be able to get through this without too much suffering whatever the truth actually is.
    Strange how the truth almost doesn’t matter anymore, as far as the public. It only matters what gets reported.

  7. Believe it or not Raine, when I heard about what happened, I thought of you. Your admiration for PSH is equally admirable and how you express it delights me each and every time. So, I feel for PSH and you. Like you, I have decided to tune in on this matter and to not pass judgment. These days, for lack of a new drama series to watch, I have decided to watch “Queen of Reversals” again and will continue to do so. Nothing has changed for me, he is still one of the great looking guys out there who makes my day with his choice of roles. For this time round, I will have to believe in the saying that you cannot put a good man down… fighting!

  8. well after reading all comments , i feel tht we all r having our own way of thinking on dis matter. i m fan of PSH tooo, thts bcoz i kno few things abt his personality ( i dont kno him personally so i kno d things like wht he likes and his overall personality as described by media in all dis years). he built his image after so much of hard work. i always thought of him as person with no flaws. it was world wide known tht he doesnt consume alcohol or smoke n now i came to kno tht he drank alcohol with miss A n his hubae. it was biggest shock for me. i mean i had his different image in my mind n suddenly i came to kno tht dis guy is not d way i thought he is.
    it doesnt mean tht i believe tht he raped miss A, it cld b mutual too. but its hard to prove as thr r few things tht can go against PSH. lets pray tht he gets out of this situation safely if he is innocent and if he is guilty thn he shld b punished according to law.
    @ Raine interference of media in personal life is d biggest price every celebrity pays.

  9. Update—-

    New reports state that the police investigated the surveillance footage of Park Shi Hoo’s home and discovered that A was carried inside by another celebrity, K.

    On February 14, Park Shi Hoo, A and rookie actor K drank together. On February 20, the police discovered that K drove Park Shi Hoo and A home in his own car. The CCTV footage also revealed that K carried A on his back while Park Shi Hoo walked on his own inside.

    On February 20, sources from the rookie actor K spoke with TV Report and said, “Park Shi Hoo and A met through K. After drinking, the three of them happily went home. Park Shi Hoo and A spent time together with mutual interest. At the bar and in Park Shi Hoo’s home, everyone had a good time.”

    Rookie actor K revealed that the morning after, he and A texted each other, asking how each other was doing. K commented, “If there was sexual assault on that night, she couldn’t have texted me in that manner. I cannot see a reason for this accusation. She suddenly changed,” and “There are so many rumors right now that it’s really unfair. Moreover, I’m incredibly sorry to senior Park Shi Hoo.”

    If the above news turns out to be true, if indeed the CCTV shows that the girl was carried into his place, PSH is nailed. This is hard evidence, very difficult to dispute.

    1. Hi, i am Raines’a little sister i would like to ask you to stop updating us on things that are not official. I know im getting upset about these comments so i am sure others are too. We want keep things as neutral as possible because this issue is already so heated. Please be nice and considerate to those that read this blog.

      1. Fine, I leave you guys alone. It doesn’t seem you want to communicate, share info and opinion. Then, does this blog serve any purpose at all? Adieu! I am going to koala’s playground.

        1. Lynne, it’s not that they aren’t open to opinion on this blog, it’s that they don’t want UNCONFIRMED information being spread through Raine’s blog. You can have your opinion and say it, just don’t start reporting through this blog. If you’d like to report on this situation then set up a tumblr or something of your own.

          I’ve also read your comments on Ms. Koala’s website and it’s tiresome to read you “reports” so please feel free to state your opinions but cut back on unofficial reporting – Ms. Koala is keeping us up-to-date on the info as it comes out through official channels.

          1. I must have missed the negative comments against what she said as I did not see any. I read and chose not to respond. Knowing someone who was falsely accused, it would behoove me to have any opinion as I know what can happen. I purposely chose to stay silent. Raine’s blog is the only one I will read or comment on this subject. I’m for justice prevailing, regardless!

  10. I agree with u Raine… I’m sad about the news more so because I know this will affect his career..regardless whether he is guilty or not. Noone will really know the truth except the two or if there’s someone that’s framing him.

    I don’t condone any sexual abuse or I hate to think ill of Miss A…but come on, PSH does not need to rape anyone to fulfill his sexual desires. After 7years of not having a relationship only now he is accused of rape… Do we actually think that he’s been practicing celibacy all these years and for one night he lost his senses and raped someone…I don’t think he is that stupid to ruin his hard earned respect as an actor just to ruin it with a one night stand…not alone rape?

    It’s not that I’m heartless towards Miss A but PSH is the one that stands to lose so much more! I will see PSH same way as I do now. I’m a fan, not because of the kinda role he portrays but with his acting ability…he is very effective in communicating the emotions of his character.

    I don’t have trust in any legal system anywhere…I’m hoping the conscience of the people involve will prevail and shed some light. PSH fighting!!!

    1. I suspect that PSH did not even realize that having sex with the girl who was under heavy influence of alcohol therefore not capable of giving consent could be considered non-consentual sex, or rape. Like most people in Asia (or maybe anywhere else) who think that rape can only be committed by violent force. He is not a very thoughtful guy to begin with, or otherwise he wouldn’t even try this one-night-stand with a girl who is 15 years junior and let the affair blowing up to such a scandal. If he were still with an agency, they would never let the star actors hanging out alone. But he just freshly got out from his contract with the agency and his brother, as his manager, didn’t do the job. Now he got a lawyer to work on his case and bought him five more days before he talk to the police. Hopefully his lawyer is good and can find some evidence to his favor so this annoying thing can be eased somehow.

      But I have to say that I can’t agree with your comment that “PSH does not need to rape anyone to fulfill his sexual desire”. It is like saying that all goodlooking guys can’t be rapists by default, or celebtities never rape. We all know for fact it is not true.

  11. I read your comment again and want to say some more. PSH is not like Tom Hanks. Yes, he was quiet and shy from the public eye before. But, did you follow his recent interaction with the media? Half way through the shooting of Alice in Cheongdamdong, he talked to the media saying although some people may not like the show but everyone praised him for his acting skills, then continued bragging about how funny he played his role. I am not saying what he said was wrong, but it was not for him to say, and the timing was horrible. Then, the jewelry he wore in the show, how expensive, and they were all from his brother’s business. Then, how big a land proprietor his family is. etc. etc. There were also reports about he requesting an Imac instead of the xmas gifts his Chinese fans prepared for him. I could see he was trying some PR initiatives for the new venture that he and his brother planned to run independently of the agency he had been with. But, I found those PR efforts were unsophisticated, not well organized, quite superficial or naive, reflecting on his poor judgment calls. PSH was no longer careful, somewhat lost his mind, and his ego somehow exploded. I watched a three-episodes TV interview about him and his life a while ago. All came out was that he is a cat lover, he is diligent in his physical training, he works hard, and he is close to his family. It was totally lack of intellectual or artistic interests. It did not show any depth, definitely not the same level as Tom Hanks.

    I hope no one will get hurt too much from this mess and PSH has a chance to repair his reputation. After all, I still like him as an actor.

  12. To be honest, I just don’t understand anyone can be a fan to an actor. It is like having full faith in a politician. Come on, how do you really know a person who is an actor? Through his acting, the roles he played, or the public image articulated by him and his agency? I like PSH’s acting, I enjoy the roles he played. But, it’s not him. He is a guy that I know nothing about. Rape or not, this is a guy having a one-night-stand with a girl he barely knew who was 15 years jonior, and let the whole thing turning to such an ugly scandal. It reflects on his poor judgment calls. I like PSH as an actor, but I just can’t fancy a man who is not smart. I only hope he has a chance to stay as an actor.

    1. Dear Lynne,

      You said “He is a guy that I know nothing about.” Then, how do you know his is not smart? I don’t know any dumb person who rose on top among extremely competitive billions Asian people in any field. So you can’t say his not smart. He is good at what he does, and there is nothing wrong with liking cats, spending time with his family after long days of hard working. Like most of us he is an human, sometimes he makes a bad judgement like we all do. Who are we to make a moral judgement on him or Miss A?

      I’m not PSH’s fan even though I enjoy his dramas, but I don’t think what you saying is kind thing to say. If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all my dear. How would you feel if someone say same thing about you?

  13. Everyone has already what I wanted to say. I leave you with this sad smiley
    Let it be sad instead of you. Don’t take it to heart, go watch a drama to take your mind off things.

  14. I just found out about this through you. All I can say is this sucks! Gotta admit this is a tough cookie that will have no clean break. Which ever way it goes, someone is gonna get hurt. Sadly, can’t trust anyone or anything. He could loose and be destroyed unjustly, or he could win and be guilty. But that’s our world. Now imagine this on daily life people. 10x worst. But we can only hope for the best and for justice to work this time. ..

  15. Thank you for writing it Raine. I heartily agree with you, and with the comments above. Particularly kakashi’s comment.

    I think that the thing I am most worried about is that they will try and make an example of PSH whether or not he is innocent or guilty. Korea has been trying to crack down on sexual offenders. Only just recently has a law been changed that allowed men to say “I was drunk” and then not face any charges. It won’t matter if he is innocent if that’s what the powers that be decide to do. Sadly Korea has a bad rap with sexual offenders, and there has been a lot in the idol scene recently with sexual abuse of trainees. I think that is what might make Miss A not afraid to step forward. Right now it seems that there is a climate for accusation going on the entertainment scene, and poor PSH has been caught up in it. (I am going to assume him innocent until proven guilty).

    Another thing that concerns me is that if Miss A is falsely accusing him, then she is damaging real rape victims in a very hard to reverse way. There are already enough people who think that rape is the victim’s fault, and I have heard more than one man say that most rape accusations are just girls just trying to get attention (that always makes me want to punch them). If her accusation is false, it is just going to ingrain that harmful stereotype even more – the proverbial crying wolf. If she is innocent, and has really been raped, then I hope that she doesn’t get vilified though just because PSH is a celebrity.

    However this situation turns out, it is all very sad and heartbreaking. I hope the truth does come to light quickly and openly.

  16. Raine,

    I’m with you. I read one article and stopped. Stopped because like you, I want to believe in his innocence BUT like you, if this turns out to true (or false), I will be heartbroken. Why? Like you said, this will have devastating effects on his career! But one thing this will act as a beacon to those actors out there that if false this is what can happen. And like you, I will have nothing to say about Miss A. I just hope the truth prevails but let me say I’m not sure how much faith in the legal system I have. I’m hoping what I’ve read at times is not the norm and I will continue to pray for him but hope against hope that this is all untrue. I’m very sad about this regardless.

  17. The thing is, in this day and age when so much foul play is common practise one starts to wonder. I have come across many facts that make me doubt about the veracity of all this hoollaballoo. He cut ties with his agency, deciding to have a go at doing it his way. I’m not blaming his ex agency at all, but I do wonder; if losing all those juicy dividends didn’t call for some shaming behaviour, as in set him up. According to Soompi today, Park Ha’s last agent has been prosecuted for trying to grab on to his savings account, so…

    Another thing that made me smell fishy is the fact that this rooky girl most probable desires to hit stardom without doing that many castings; life is hard in any of its walks, and if you are hungry enough you might resort to playing dirty… there have been cases worldwide; in fact one of the things they advise basketballers when packing their suitcases to play NBA is to be careful of scavenging people, any innocent photo or situation can lead to horrid abuse acusations.

    Allegedly we all have read the same info relating to Shi Hoo, how he doesn’t have a high alcohol tolerance and how he is a man in his mid thirties who seems to lead a whole and healthy life. Not having a permanent relationship doesn’t mean he hasn’t had a healthy sexual life; so I really can’t imagine him resorting to rape when there are many just hoping for a chance.

    I’m really sorry to doubt a female, I feel not very nice about doing it, but things don’t look as neat as she’s related them.

  18. sigh … thanks, Raine, for writing this. I think I understand what you are going through. I’ve really been deeply troubled by this news all day (in my time zone, the day is now coming to an end), cause it is simply bad, whatever way you turn it. If it is true, PSH will have to be punished and it will have a major effect on his career. Not saying it will end it, but it might. I also consider myself a fan of his and this would make me very, very sad, on different levels.
    If it is not true, it will certainly also affect his career, though probably not very much (depending on how long the lawsuit will drag on). But worse, much worse, it will have a negative effect on how rape allegations are seen … many people already say “oh, she shouldn’t have dressed this and this way” – or – “she shouldn’t have drunk alcohol” etc. As if a sexual assault victim could be blamed for being raped. No. Nothing, absolutely nothing, excuses rape!! But it will lead to more distrust between men and women, especially famous men and women. That’s just sad.
    So, either way, this is very, very, very bad news. For his sake, I hope it is not true. For her sake, I hope she means it (she might indeed have felt violated the morning after) and didn’t lie because of some other motif. You say there is “one truth” … in rape cases, there often isn’t. He might honestly think one way, and she might honestly feel completely different about the same thing. Whose truth is the one truth? And how will the justice system decide?
    Let’s hope both get fair treatment in the process.

    1. If ONE person is uncomfortable, for me, that is the truth and the act should NOT have occurred. I have to put my faith in the justice system and that it will not be abused.

    2. What you said about famous people is making me think, too. It’s SO sad that the media frenzy even enters into a person’s sex life. It makes matters so much worse. 😦

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