Asian Dramas/Films/Anime I’ve Seen

by: Raine — (The Princess’ Man’s first kiss.) I started this list out of curiosity. How much drama do I ACTUALLY watch?  It’s a scary amount of hours when I look at it! Here’s the sad part: I hope to add more. Much more. This is by no means a comprehensive list. I will updateContinue reading “Asian Dramas/Films/Anime I’ve Seen”

Pasta: Episode 12 Recap

by Raine Raine here to pick up the Pasta baton and run with the delightful Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Seon-kyun to the finish. I am a dramabeans junkie and I am only too glad to try my hand at the recaps that are like internet crack to K-drama lovers like myself. And now for episodeContinue reading “Pasta: Episode 12 Recap”

Plans for the K-Drama half of Raine’s Dichotomy

by: Raine — Currently I’m working on my very first recap. Oh holy hell its hard. I bow down to the recapping gods. My lack of knowledge of the language has me jumping to different translations and really thinking about what I know of the culture to properly recap. But it’s fun. I plan toContinue reading “Plans for the K-Drama half of Raine’s Dichotomy”

Nails and the Modern Woman

by: Raine — I don’t know about the Dark Ages, but the modern woman has a serious preoccupation with her nails. In this globalized statement I include myself (or perhaps  base it on myself). But as demonstrated by the innumerable establishments devoted to nail care, beautification, “gaudification” and mutilation that there are in the UnitedContinue reading “Nails and the Modern Woman”

The Awkward Greeting Shuffle (AGS)

The Cheek Kiss Gone Wrong: A Miami Girl’s foray into the Awkward Greeting Shuffle. by: Raine — As a denizen of Miami, born and raised, the kiss on the cheek has been a staple of my everyday life. When I meet someone new, I smile, maybe offer a hand…and then I give them a kissContinue reading “The Awkward Greeting Shuffle (AGS)”