What Happens to a K-drama Fan When She Moves to Korea?

If you know me, you know I love Korean drama. If you’re new here, you should know – I love Korean drama. My love started way back in 2011 and has followed me for the past 10 years of my itinerant life. Within that time I graduated with a masters, worked in publishing, worked as a professional cellist, became a Hallyu journalist, moved to Korea from the U.S., fell in love with a Korean man and got married. Now in 2021, I work as a content marketer in a Korean company while moonlighting in journalism.

Where does that leave Korean drama? Well, let me tell you folks – it’s where it has been left for many an ex-pat… a lonely corner.

In the years that I’ve been in Korea, my Korean has improved immensely. I go about daily life in ways that mimic many of the K-drama heroines of yesterday and today. (Yes, I’ve had ramen in a corner store, almost had a run in with a wayward scooter, and worn matching couple outfits.) Heck, I even got my K-drama Hero! (Love you, Mr. Yoo!) This has led to the decline in my drama consumption. But I’m not the only one. Many K-drama lovers who move here have found that the time they once dedicated to Korean drama has dwindled.

Do we love it less? No. But it has gotten lost in the swirling vortex of life that is Seoul, at least for me and other Seoulites.

Now this doesn’t mean I haven’t binge-watched “Sweet Home” or that I’m not salivating at the thought of “Hospital Playlist 2” coming out in a couple weeks. I just means the frequency is not what it once was.

For a while my main K-drama block was the fact that I wrote about it for a living. When it becomes a job, you avoid it just to get away from work. But now that I am your run-of-the-mill foreign marketer in a Korean office (I’m joking, we are not run-of-the-mill), I’ve started to crave the sweet agony of exhaustion after a night of binging. Even though I’m happily yoked to a great Korean guy who treats me so well, I still yearn for ridiculous meet-cutes and epic kiss scenes.

Which brings me to this blog post. Join me as I re-discover the beauty of the K-drama. Watch me laugh as my husband cringes at the cheesy deliciousness of second lead syndrome. What happens to a K-drama fan when she moves to Korea?

She gets her groove back.

Idol’s Idol Taemin Bids “So long for now” with 3rd Mini-Album “Advice”

Today, on the day of Taemin’s military enlistment, it is rather fitting to dive into the artist’s 3rd mini-album, “Advice,” which was released on May 18, 2021. The 27-year-old super-artist delivers a powerful “goodbye for now” that not only pays homage to his talents, but flavors of styles both SHINee and his own. 

In the months leading up to the last SHINee member’s enlistment, the idol’s idol Taemin has kept busy not only as a solo artist, but with SHINee. From April 4’s ‘Beyond LIVE – SHINee World’ online concert to his first online solo concert ‘Beyond LIVE – TAEMIN : N.G.D.A’ and many V-Lives with his members and solo, Taemin has shared a lot of memories with Shawols before his musical break to serve his country.

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RECAP: Taemin Goes Above and Beyond in ‘Beyond LIVE – TAEMIN N.G.D.A’

To say that Taemin’s Beyond LIVE – TAEMIN N.G.D.A (Never Going to Dance Again) concert last week was emotional would be an understatement. Watching the youngest member of a group that has been a driving force in K-Pop for over a decade perform his final concert before enlistment had a bittersweet taste. As a part of SHINee and as a solo artist, Taemin has crafted his career into a magnificent creature of talent and passion. At the height of his solo career, he bid a temporary farewell at his online solo concert where Shawols from all over the world came together to support him as he gave one of the most moving, reflective concerts to date. It was his last concert before his mandatory enlistment on May 31.

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Goodbye, 2018, the Year I met My Korean Fiancé!

Hello everyone,

It has been ages, nearly a year, since I last reached out to you via the Dichotomy. Many things in life have changed. I now reside in Korea, which should come as no surprise as I am known to have a liking for all things Korean. (You know, having a blog about Korean drama, Kpop, and all things Hallyu may have been a small hint.)

I’ve gotten to do some amazing things as a travel journalist, make some amazing friends in the expat community in the Seoul area, but there is one thing that has really changed for me: I met a boy.Continue reading “Goodbye, 2018, the Year I met My Korean Fiancé!”

Infinite Doesn’t Disappoint with Newest MV “Tell Me”

Infinite is back as a sextet with an EDM-influenced title track and a video that tells the tale of love and regret. I’ve been excited for this comeback because it’s the first one after almost a year and a half. After watching this video, I am happy to report that it was well worth the wait and the single and the video maintain the boys’ signature polished dancing, and retro melodies, while upgrading the package with edgy mixing and classy wardrobing.Continue reading “Infinite Doesn’t Disappoint with Newest MV “Tell Me””

Holiday Greetings and Ruminations


(Russian River, California)

I want to share my holiday and year-end greetings with all of you, the people who I’ve met in person in the U.S., my home country, in my travels all over the world, and in internet communities. I treasure the relationships we have created and the diversity and richness you’ve brought to my life.Continue reading “Holiday Greetings and Ruminations”