Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 5 and 6


Zombie: Sooo… That was an interesting way to leave us hanging… The kiss was nothing special but the inability to draw the sword was a bit surprising. I guess you knew it wasn’t going to be easy but still… I didn’t expect her to not even be able to grab the thing.

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Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 3 and 4


Zombie Mamma: So it seems we’ve kinda settled into things a bit. The initial, “hook you with all kinds of crazy suspense” has passed and now we get down to the business of getting a Goblin and his Bride together. You’d think this would be an easy task, seeing as how Eun Tak confessed her love to Shin last week, and Shin has realized his love this week. But somehow, I don’t things are going to work out so easily. Continue reading “Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 3 and 4”

Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 1 and 2


Raine: Earlier this week Zombie Mamma asked me if I wanted to review tvN’s newest Friday/Saturday 16-episode drama with her, Goblin. I hadn’t started it yet and I didn’t really intend to because while Kim Eun Sook really is a K-drama viewer’s favorite writer, she’s not really loved by critics – i.e. me. But then I saw Kim Go Eun and…..GONG YOO and I said “why not?” I watched it. I eat my words. This show is good. REALLY Good.Continue reading “Rainy Zombie Chat: Goblin Episodes 1 and 2”

5-Year Anniversary Giveaway Winners!!!!

We have winners!logoversary-1

But first, thank you for joining for this special occasion. It really means a lot to me that you all have been with Raine’s Dichotomy throughout my adventures. You all receive my love and gratitude! THANK YOU!! <3<3<3

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5-Year Anniversary Giveaway: Results to come Sunday!

logoversary-1Thank you so much for joining me for Raine Dichotomy’s 5th anniversary. There were so many entries on the blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – THANK YOU! I will post the winners of these awesome prizes on Sunday, September 25, 2016 on all of my social media.Continue reading “5-Year Anniversary Giveaway: Results to come Sunday!”

Rage Against the K-drama Machine – The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Edition



(This is a joint post with the fabulous Zombie Mama.)

Zombie: So my good friend Raine (from Raine’s Dichotomy) and I spent a good portion of our day today talking about the latest episodes of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo and well, we just couldn’t get all of our feelings out in one conversation. That being the case, we decided to get together and throw ourselves a little rage party. Of course no drama rant would be complete without you, our awesome readers, so we decided to share a bit of our conversation, in the hopes that you might join us as we discuss this most amazing, infuriating, yet completely addictive drama.Continue reading “Rage Against the K-drama Machine – The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Edition”