The Vortex that Is the K-drama

by: Raine

I tried to resist. I really did. But once I discovered it, I became Pavlov’s dog. The trigger for my salivation?

The K-drama.

Lee Min-ho, Park Min-Young, Lee Joon-hyuk in City Hunter, the most epic drama of 2011

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Nails and the Modern Woman

by: Raine

I don’t know about the Dark Ages, but the modern woman has a serious preoccupation with her nails. In this globalized statement I include myself (or perhapsĀ  base it on myself). But as demonstrated by the innumerable establishments devoted to nail care, beautification, “gaudification” and mutilation that there are in the United States alone (over 300,000), its safe to assume that nails are quite the rage amongst the fashionable woman.

So no sane person would get acryllics like this, but that's still pretty frickin' cool!

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The Awkward Greeting Shuffle (AGS)

The Cheek Kiss Gone Wrong: A Miami Girl’s foray into the Awkward Greeting Shuffle.

by: Raine

How its done!

As a denizen of Miami, born and raised, the kiss on the cheek has been a staple of my everyday life. When I meet someone new, I smile, maybe offer a hand…and then I give them a kiss on the cheek. Albeit, most of the timeĀ  its more of a brush on the cheek, but a kiss nonetheless. On my way out the door, I make the rounds, give and receive many cheek kisses and go off on my merry way.

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Hello world!

by: Raine

Let’s leave the title that has given me and run with it.

Hello world! I’m Raine and I’m opinionated. I’m a sentient being who makes her living with music and absolutely LOVES being a musician. But that’s not all I am. When asked, “What do you do for a living?” I like to give the snarky remark, “I live.”

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