SMTown Coex Artium – the home of many SHINee goodies!

by: Raine — OMG! So many SHINee pictures and CDs and Posters and OMG! SMTown Coex Artium is seriously the biggest SM brainwashing building EVAR…and I LOVED IT! How can you NOT love all of your idol favorites plastered on the walls! Yes, I fangirled happily. My HanCinema article isn’t quite so fangirly, but itContinue reading “SMTown Coex Artium – the home of many SHINee goodies!”

Namsan Tower is AWESOME!

by: Raine — So Namsan Tower is in every Korean drama and movie EVAR. It’s romantic and sappy. There are locks everywhere and lots of pretty lights… …and it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s unbelievable how stunning the place is. The walk up the steep hill and the view of Seoul is breathtaking. Watching itContinue reading “Namsan Tower is AWESOME!”

The Soul of Seoul: The places found in K-drama

by: Raine — Man, I love this picture, Johnny. It’s me rocking the cello in the same mall, the Nagwon Instrument Arcade, as Sung Joon. Happiness is playing cello in South Korea, people! It was awesome. But more than that, when visiting Seoul and laying eyes on the sites where my favorite dramas were filmed,Continue reading “The Soul of Seoul: The places found in K-drama”

I Visited the Big, Green Naver Building!

by: Raine — Naver is that magical place that brings us a top world search engine, Brown the Bear and his Line character friends, webtoons, television, and a ton more. The building was huge, with incredible amenities. It was a little scary in how intense it was, a world centered around giving workers everything they’d needContinue reading “I Visited the Big, Green Naver Building!”

Interview with Yonhap News journalists

by: Raine — Yonhap News Agency is the foremost organization in Korea for all of the up-and-coming news. A lot of the translated material we read on our English outlets and portals comes from this agency and the two reporters I got to interview Lee Eun-jung (K-pop specialist) and Yoon Go-eun (drama and film specialist).Continue reading “Interview with Yonhap News journalists”

Interview with Sistar

by: Raine — So yes, I get to say it: I interviewed Sistar! SQUEEEE! Yes, they’re really that beautiful in person, and yes, it was really fun. Not only am I a fan of their music, especially Hyorin’s powerhouse voice, but several of them are actresses. These girls have been rocking the limelight since 2010Continue reading “Interview with Sistar”

Korean Folk Village

by: Raine — Ever wonder where they record all of those historical scenes in dramas and films? The look of a sageuk is unmistakable and one beautiful Korean site that helps create it is the Korean Folk Village. It is a huge preserved property with genuine homes, hopes, and buildings from the Joseon period. It isContinue reading “Korean Folk Village”