Korean Film Archive

by: Raine — If you want to know all about Korea cinema and film, there is a place in Seoul that’s perfect for you: the Korean Film Archive. It’s packed with nearly 100 years of Korean film goodies including the awesome armor shown above from The Admiral. It shows the birth and development of KoreanContinue reading “Korean Film Archive”

Cooking in Korea with food director Kim Su-jin

by: Raine — I love Korean food so it should come as no surprise that one of my most anticipated activities was a cooking class with Korea’s foremost food director, the elegant Kim Su-jin of the Food & Culture Academy. Above you’ll see my japchae, which was quite tasty if I do say so myself.Continue reading “Cooking in Korea with food director Kim Su-jin”

Going to the Movies in Korea!

by: Raine — Ever wonder what it’s like to go to the movies in Korea? Well, it’s just as swanky as you see in the dramas! At least the Megabox in Haeundae that I went to during the Korea Joa 2015 trip was! I went to see The Silenced as a part of BIFF 2015Continue reading “Going to the Movies in Korea!”

Raine Interviews Dabit for HanCinema!

by: Raine — I have to say I’m very excited to present the interview that I had with Dabit from KoffeeDream Entertainment. He’s a gifted singer/songwriter and an overall really fun guy. I had the chance to share some chicken and beer with him and I love that he’s such a chill, down to earthContinue reading “Raine Interviews Dabit for HanCinema!”

Q&A with Park Bo-yeong, Park So-dam, and Lee Hae-yeong

by: Raine — I’m a huge Park Bo-yeong fan and it was pretty amazing to see her film “The Silenced” at the 2015 Busan International Film Festival and then to sit in on a Q&A. She was so flippin’ cute in her skirt and heels. Especially next to the bright pink suit that Park So-damContinue reading “Q&A with Park Bo-yeong, Park So-dam, and Lee Hae-yeong”

Adventures to Suwon and Hwaseong Palace

by: Raine — I got to explore Suwon and Crown Prince Sado’s palace, posthumously built for him by his son King Jeongjo. It was cool being in a place mentioned in so many dramas and films. And I’m a total history nerd. It was so awesome to be in a place that means so muchContinue reading “Adventures to Suwon and Hwaseong Palace”

First Interview of Korea Joa 2015: Director General of KOFICE

by: Raine — My first interview of the Korea 2015 was with Director General Kim Deok-jung. My HanCinema review contains the transcript of the interview, but let me just say that Director General Kim is one classy guy. He gifted everyone a bag of goodies on behalf of KOFICE. He cleans up quite nicely inContinue reading “First Interview of Korea Joa 2015: Director General of KOFICE”