To Jonghyun


(Jonghyun on the red carpet at KCON LA in 2016)

To a boy-to-man who I’ve watched for the past six years, this is my dedication to you.

As a musician, I resonate with your passion for music, for creation.

My sister and I grew closer together over your music.

I admire your vocal dexterity and ability to play with color.

I appreciate your appreciation for the softer dynamics of the volume spectrum.

I love your eloquence when speaking in interviews.

Listening to you as part of SHINee and as a solo act is  a joy.

Your inclusion of rich harmony was never unnoticed.

Lyrically, your writing was as inspired and as sensitive as you were.

On social media, you were outspoken and passionate about your causes: politics, mental health, LGBT issues.

Even in death you were achingly honest.

You were always enough. And it was okay that you made mistakes. It still is.

You did work hard. And you deserve to rest.

I promise to share your story and help others who are like you.

Thank you for being you.

수고했어요. 정말 고생했어요.

– Lisa

HanCinema Feature: Top 8 Highlights of KCON New York


(Image courtesy of CJ E&M. Text is a sample of my writing on and belongs to HanCinema.)

The second year of KCON New York held July 24 and July 25 at the Prudential Center shaped up to be an incredible event that attracted 42,000 Hallyu fans, nearly two and a half times as many fans as its inaugural year of 17,000. Half of the fans in attendance came from outside the New York metro area. Not only did fan numbers swell, but the convention enjoyed double the sponsorship, over ninety booths, and triple the workshops and panels. HanCinema was on two of those panels and will also participate in panels at KCON LA July 29 through July 30. We also visited many of the booths at the convention and have fantastic, high-quality beauty items for giveaway. Check out the giveaway instructions at the bottom of this list of highlights to learn how to enter! And don’t worry, you will have more chances to win Korean beauty products! Keep following our KCON New York coverage to find out more!

Click here to read the whole article and to enter to win Korean beauty products!

Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30: My moment of glory!


(Image courtesy of dailydot)

Hi all! As you know I just got back from a hot, hot, hot weekend at KCON New York 2016 where I had the honor and privilege of being on two panels. One of them, “Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30,” made it into a dailydot article by Colette Bennet!! This is so exciting! Thanks for featuring our panel, Colette: Kchat Jjigae, Zombie Mama, Young Ajummah and lovely moderator Multifacetedacg all did a fabulous job and I’m so glad to have worked with these powerful women!

Read the article here on the

HanCinema: First Day in KCON New York 2016!


Guys! I did it. I made it to #KCON16NY and it was awesome. So action-packed and fun. Here is the link to my coverage from yesterday and please expect more personal coverage here on the Dichotomy after the hullaballoooooo of everything Hallyu dies down. For now, I shot Park Bo-yeong, Im Siwan, Seventeen, Crush, Dynamic Duo, BtoB, Ailee, and Danny Im on the red carpet, watched the artists in concert, ate delicious food, participated on two panels for HanCinema and met our FANS!

Check out my coverage of Day 1 of KCON NY!

Im Siwan bonus shot. Handsome, no?