“CN Blue: Can’t Stop” – an album review

by: Raine — CN Blue has come out with a new album, Can’t Stop, and this album was written by them (Yonghwa and Jonghyun) and they had a heavy hand in the production. For a band around since 2009 in the Korean music market, that’s pretty cool! They have learned really understand their strengths asContinue reading ““CN Blue: Can’t Stop” – an album review”

Frozen’s “Let It Go” sung by Idina, Demi, Hyorin and Ailee

by: Raine — My sister Lil’ Raine and I finally saw Frozen, and as everybody’s been saying, it was pretty awesome. Admittedly, my sister and I saw it for Idina Menzel. We’ve been fans of hers since the late ’90s after Rent came out.

K-drama OST Review: Heartless City

by: Raine — (The best bromances, friendships, and bad guy group of awesomeness ever!) I’ve been a tad neglectful of the Dichotomy and I wanted to bring you guys some good stuff. As a musician, I thought reviewing OSTs would be fun. I asked around on Twitter and compiled a list of OSTs you guysContinue reading “K-drama OST Review: Heartless City”

SHINee’s Everybody: A Reaction (YAAAAAAY!)

by: Raine and Lil’ Raine — (Note: Lil’ Raine is my little sister who I have gotten addicted to K-drama, K-pop and whose favorite Kpop group is SHINee…just like me! We decided to write some K-pop posts together! Here is the first of (hopefully) many!)   Raine: Initial reaction: Love the dance. Not sure aboutContinue reading “SHINee’s Everybody: A Reaction (YAAAAAAY!)”