Soompi Feature: 9 Signs That You Are Officially a Descendants of the Sun Addict

(Image and text are samples from my work on Soompi and belong to Soompi.) Unless you’ve been living in a K-drama box, you’ve most definitely heard of the military romance that is sweeping the entire world: “Descendants of the Sun.” It has reached over a billion people and penetrated the depths of Asia, touched cornersContinue reading “Soompi Feature: 9 Signs That You Are Officially a Descendants of the Sun Addict”

HanCinema Interview with Jasper Cho

  (Image and text are samples from my work on and belong to HanCinema.) Hello HanCinema fans! I am so pleased to bring you our interview with Jasper Cho, the talented young actor who just finished an amazing run as Dr. Daniel Spencer in the hottest drama of the year, Descendants of the Sun.Continue reading “HanCinema Interview with Jasper Cho”

Join me in Interviewing Jasper Cho!

Man, I love my job sometimes. See that man in that picture? HanCinema and I get to interview him. And guess what? YOU have a chance to as well. If you want to ask an interview question of Jasper Cho/Cho Tae-gwan/조태관, the very handsome man who plays Dr. Daniel in Descendants of the Sun, click the link belowContinue reading “Join me in Interviewing Jasper Cho!”

Raine tours the US: Introducing Koreatowns

Outside of Korea, it’s not easy to find places to sit down and dine in an authentic Korean restaurant, find Korean groceries, and feel like one is walking along a street of Seoul. Many of us have to turn to the burgeoning internet market to find Korean goods and atmospheres. In a large country likeContinue reading “Raine tours the US: Introducing Koreatowns”

Soompi Feature: 9 Korean Stars With the Hottest Post-Military Abs

When we hear that our favorite idols and entertainers are heading off to the military there are two thoughts that run through our minds: “How am I going to survive 22 months without him?” and  “What is he going to look like shirtless when he comes back?” Click here to read the whole article!

I Interviewed Sam Okyere!

I had the honor to interview this humble, intelligent man who has made a name for himself in the Korean entertainment scene. He had a lot to tell me including a secret about his role in Moorim School, what was hardest about moving to Korea, his upcoming plans, and an encouraging word to all ofContinue reading “I Interviewed Sam Okyere!”

Interview with Yonhap News journalists

by: Raine — Yonhap News Agency is the foremost organization in Korea for all of the up-and-coming news. A lot of the translated material we read on our English outlets and portals comes from this agency and the two reporters I got to interview Lee Eun-jung (K-pop specialist) and Yoon Go-eun (drama and film specialist).Continue reading “Interview with Yonhap News journalists”