Korean Folk Village

by: Raine — Ever wonder where they record all of those historical scenes in dramas and films? The look of a sageuk is unmistakable and one beautiful Korean site that helps create it is the Korean Folk Village. It is a huge preserved property with genuine homes, hopes, and buildings from the Joseon period. It isContinue reading “Korean Folk Village”

Korean Film Archive

by: Raine — If you want to know all about Korea cinema and film, there is a place in Seoul that’s perfect for you: the Korean Film Archive. It’s packed with nearly 100 years of Korean film goodies including the awesome armor shown above from The Admiral. It shows the birth and development of KoreanContinue reading “Korean Film Archive”

Cooking in Korea with food director Kim Su-jin

by: Raine — I love Korean food so it should come as no surprise that one of my most anticipated activities was a cooking class with Korea’s foremost food director, the elegant Kim Su-jin of the Food & Culture Academy. Above you’ll see my japchae, which was quite tasty if I do say so myself.Continue reading “Cooking in Korea with food director Kim Su-jin”

Introduction to My Korea Trip!

by: Raine — Hi All! I’m off to Korea for the Korea Joa program sponsored by KOFICE! Read all about my upcoming plans! CLICK HERE! My adventures will be documented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Dichotomy, and, of course, on Hancinema! check it all. Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/rainesdichotomy Twitter – https://twitter.com/Raine0211 Instagram – https://instagram.com/raine0211/ Blog – https://raine0211.wordpress.com/

Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest

by: Raine — If you live in Fort Collins, the changes are that you’ve heard of NewWestFest, one of the biggest festivals this hip Colorado town puts on. It’s a three day festival full of food, tunes, beer, rides, and all around merriment. Headliners hit the main stage at 8:30 each night and daytime sportedContinue reading “Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest”

Adventure to H-mart: A Korean food and language adventure!

by: Raine — In my wonderful little town of Fort Collins, Colorado there are many wonderful things to eat, fun places to go, and other fun to be had. For Korean foodies like me there are a couple of little convenience stores that sell the staples: kimchi, soy bean paste, and red pepper paste. ButContinue reading “Adventure to H-mart: A Korean food and language adventure!”

Meet Raine, Hancinema correspondent to South Korea!

by: Raine — About a week ago HanCinema, the blog that I write for, was invited to travel to South Korea to cover the Busan International Film Festival and the Asian Song Festival. You’re reading the words of the correspondent representing HanCinema! *pauses to KYAAAAAAA* Not only that, but I have a marvelous partner in crime,Continue reading “Meet Raine, Hancinema correspondent to South Korea!”