I’m a new writer for Hancinema!

by: Raine — Hello my beloved readers and newcomers! I have been invited to write for Hancinema. I will be posting brief episode reviews for Nail Shop Paris and the upcoming The Queen’s Classroom. Please go check them out and check out Hancinema if you haven’t already! If you don’t know what Hancinema is, it’sContinue reading “I’m a new writer for Hancinema!”

Featured Blogs: Couch Kimchi

by: Raine — My second featured blog is the eclectic and intensely interesting Couch Kimchi. It focuses on all things Korean and Japanese (and even Indie), which makes it fun, informative and incredibly addicting. The ladies on staff are really clever and LOVE what they do. Each of them brings a lot to the table.Continue reading “Featured Blogs: Couch Kimchi”

Park Shi-hoo in “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor”, Part 2

by: Raine — Here’s the second part of my 100% fan-girly/”objective” article on Park Shi-hoo in “How to meet a perfect neighbor.” Parksihoo4u.com is hosting. Give it up for these serious Park Shi-hoo lovers! Park Shi-hoo in How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor, Part 2 — Related: Park Shi-hoo in How to Meet a PerfectContinue reading “Park Shi-hoo in “How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor”, Part 2″