Goodbye, 2018, the Year I met My Korean Fiancé!

Hello everyone, It has been ages, nearly a year, since I last reached out to you via the Dichotomy. Many things in life have changed. I now reside in Korea, which should come as no surprise as I am known to have a liking for all things Korean. (You know, having a blog about KoreanContinue reading “Goodbye, 2018, the Year I met My Korean Fiancé!”

Holiday Greetings and Ruminations

(Russian River, California) I want to share my holiday and year-end greetings with all of you, the people who I’ve met in person in the U.S., my home country, in my travels all over the world, and in internet communities. I treasure the relationships we have created and the diversity and richness you’ve brought toContinue reading “Holiday Greetings and Ruminations”

Exclusive Interview: Martin Espinosa, Bassist of Uther Pendragon

(My dad, Martin Espinosa, is on the far right…and younger than me in this picture!!) Meet my dad, Martin Espinosa, as he talks about Uther Pendragon’s recently released album, their album release party, and a bit of the history behind the album. So my dad is an amazing man, and I’m a little late for Father’sContinue reading “Exclusive Interview: Martin Espinosa, Bassist of Uther Pendragon”