Raine’s Dichotomy Turns 5!!!

Hello universe! I can’t believe it’s here, but Raine’s Dichotomy is coming up on her fifth anniversary in five days, September 19. I’m writing this post to ask you to celebrate with me. I’ll be hosting a giveaway on the Dichotomy, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll have the chance to win one of the followingContinue reading “Raine’s Dichotomy Turns 5!!!”

Raine’s Dichotomy has a new look!

Hi all! A few months ago I decided that since Raine’s Dichotomy is in year 5, it should get a makeover. I reached out to a friend, Elsa Riffe, who made me the awesome logos you’ve seen floating around. And then I called on my OrionĀ from Orion’s Ramblings. Together we have ventured to make theContinue reading “Raine’s Dichotomy has a new look!”

I’m alive…I think…

by: Raine — The past few months have been harrowing and I think I’ve made it out the other side. With the hiatus under my belt, I’d like to get back to the Dichotomy and get blogging. Although I haven’t been into news much lately, I have heard a few tidbits here and there. I’veContinue reading “I’m alive…I think…”