Raine’s 2014 Birthday!

by: Raine — As you all know, yesterday was my birthday. It was really fun. Lil’ Raine and I watched Heartless City all day, and then we dolled up to go to dinner with six friends of mine. Then we came back to our house for cake, cat videos and playing with my cats. Yes,Continue reading “Raine’s 2014 Birthday!”

Happy One Year Raine’s Dichotomy!

by: Raine — So it’s been a year (as of September 19th) since the Dichotomy was born from my need to write. Admittedly, I didn’t get into K-drama posting until later in the year. But a birthday is a birthday nonetheless. I never expected it to grow this big (or to be this much work)Continue reading “Happy One Year Raine’s Dichotomy!”