Raine is in Colorado!

by: Raine

Hello my lovely, lovely readers. I know this summer has been rather dry at the Dichotomy, but starting this weekend I’ll be back. I have to do my research on what’s happening in K-drama land. I know my beloved is contemplating a new drama. YES! But tell me what you’re looking forward to or currently enjoying watching.

As for me, I’ve relocated to Fort Collins, CO and I’m still in the midst of setting up house. Today is the most wonderful day when I GOT THE INTERNET! HOORAY!

Timmy had a rough go of it but he’s finally settling down. He loves the staircase. Pictures will come as soon as the house is presentable.

I’m searching for students, a rather daunting task, but I’m up for the challenge.

As always, love you guys. I’ll be back in full force soon!

Raine’s Banners

by: Raine

I’ve been messing with Photoshop and here are the results of my experimentations.

(Park Shi-hoo)

(Park Shi-hoo, Bi, my baby Timmy, and a cello!)

Here is a Banner that Jomo made for me!


(Park Shi-hoo as Cha Seung-jo in Cheongdam-dong Alice.)

The Invasion: A Kitten Takes Over

by: Raine

Nearly a year ago my sister and I were at the drive-through of a Burger King that is just down the street from our house. The family had a hankering for milkshakes and like the good daughters we are, we went to pick some up. (Be mindful of the fact that girls cannot go anywhere alone.) As we were perusing our options, we heard a mewl from the bushes beneath the menu. At first, both of us thought that we were hearing things and ignored the sound. However, it continued.

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