Raine’s 2013 Year-End Review! The Year of Unfulfilled Potential

by: Raine — (My mom made this opening graphic. She’s awesome. Check her shop!) This year was the year of unfulfilled potential. So many fantastic premises came out with fantastic casting and fantastic directors and writers and huge budgets. And most of it fell flat. I won’t say that I didn’t have fun immersing myselfContinue reading “Raine’s 2013 Year-End Review! The Year of Unfulfilled Potential”

Cheongdam-dong Alice News.2

by: Raine — (Is it just me, or does it look like Park Shi-hoo’s stylist was trying to make him look like the Fresh Prince of Cheongdam-dong?) Cheongdam-dong Alice airs tomorrow and I am psyched…even though I have no idea what it’s really about. They’ve thrown press conferences, four teaser trailers and a twenty-minute trailerContinue reading “Cheongdam-dong Alice News.2”

Cheongdam-dong Alice News.1

by: Raine — (Location: Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on the set of Gonjiam) With fifteen days to go until the premier of Cheongdam-dong Alice, I thought it would be pertinent for me to share some of the news that’s been floating about. Filming started October 18th and  Park Shi-hoo, Moon Geun-young, the cast and crew held aContinue reading “Cheongdam-dong Alice News.1”

Park Shi-hoo in a New Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice! ASA!

by: Raine — (Nom, nom, frickin’ nom!) I know I’ve been absent from the Dichotomy due to, y’know, life. But what kind of true fan and negligent blogger would I be if I didn’t post about Park Shi-hoo breaking out of his several-month-long dramaland disappearance? He’s appearing in Cheondam dong Alice (and hopefully nothing withContinue reading “Park Shi-hoo in a New Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice! ASA!”