Holiday Greetings and Ruminations

(Russian River, California) I want to share my holiday and year-end greetings with all of you, the people who I’ve met in person in the U.S., my home country, in my travels all over the world, and in internet communities. I treasure the relationships we have created and the diversity and richness you’ve brought toContinue reading “Holiday Greetings and Ruminations”

Here’s Some Holiday Cheer!

by: Raine — Tomorrow I’m performing at two charity events and my brother and my best friend roped me into singing and playing guitar… EEK! Here’s from our rehearsal tonight. (He convinced me to post them…) I’ll also be playing cello, which makes me feel better ’cause I’ll be able to redeem myself. Haha. ButContinue reading “Here’s Some Holiday Cheer!”