Featured Blogs: Couch Kimchi

by: Raine — My second featured blog is the eclectic and intensely interesting Couch Kimchi. It focuses on all things Korean and Japanese (and even Indie), which makes it fun, informative and incredibly addicting. The ladies on staff are really clever and LOVE what they do. Each of them brings a lot to the table.Continue reading “Featured Blogs: Couch Kimchi”

Fashion King: Stills, Teasers, Fan Video

by: Raine — Hello all! Since I’m going to recap Fashion King, I figured I put together some fun things to look out during the interim. We all know that it FEELS like forever until all the new dramas come out, especially with this whole MBC fiasco. Clockwise: Yoo Ah-in, Lee Je-hoon, Shin Se-kyung, SNSD’sContinue reading “Fashion King: Stills, Teasers, Fan Video”