Dramaland in Review #2

by: Raine — Hello universe.┬áLet’s check out what I’ve been watching and hear a couple of rants and raves. This week we’ll be looking into Descendants of the Sun, Moorim School, One More Happy Ending, Come Back, Ahjusshi, and Cheese in the Trap. I don’t want this to just be about my not-so-humble-opinion, but I’veContinue reading “Dramaland in Review #2”

Dramaland: A Week in Review #1

by: Raine — Hello everyone. How have your ventures into dramaland been this week? I am a bit behind on some of my shows, but I thought I’d give you an update with my thoughts on each show and you could give me yours. If I’m not caught up to where you are, please indicateContinue reading “Dramaland: A Week in Review #1”