Boris After the Fact

by: Boris — (Raine in front of Prince Albert’s Memorial in Hyde Park.) Zdravstvujtye! We have made our way from London to Kent to Bedfordshire to Oxford and back to America! I am saddened and relieved. The second half of the trip made it very difficult to find internet access and I was afraid RaineContinue reading “Boris After the Fact”

Boris Checks After a Week of Fun

by: Boris — (Cogi jjigae! Raine apparently thinks things like these are tasty. And kimchi, bean sprouts, crazy banchan and lots of soju.) Zdravstvujtye! I am so happy! London is a place full of wondrous women! Some are quite old. However, some women keep very nicely and London has gone about doing so quite well.

Boris Checks in from London

by: Boris — Zdravstvujtye! We are in London. It’s a bit drizzly but the cool weather is rather nice for my Russian parts. We were unable to sleep on the plane because this fellow beside us snored the entire time! But the excitement has started. Raine’s English friend gave us the rundown of the tube.Continue reading “Boris Checks in from London”

Boris Takes Over

by: Boris — (My likeness has been created by Raine‘s mama. Of course nothing can compare to the handsomeness of my true form, but I didn’t think my brilliance would be appropriate for the internet. However, this representation is quite nice. Thank you maht of Raine.) Zdravstvujtye world! I am Raine’s Fourth Answering Machine, BorisContinue reading “Boris Takes Over”

Raine’s 126th Post!

by: Raine — Happy 126th Post! Raine’s Dichotomy has reached it’s second big milestone: 126 posts! *clap* *cheer* *hoop* *hollar* Like I said last time, we’re going in 63s! Why? Because I can. I like the number 63. It’s fun and now no longer random! It has deep meaning here at Raine’s Dichotomy.