HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 1

(Image and text are samples from my work on HanCinema.net and belong to HanCinema.) Wow. I really like Entertainers. It delivered the necessary introductory episode with panache and Ji Seong hit his character Sin Seok-ho right out of the park. Hyeri as Green, who doesn’t look like she’s just recovered from a very serious disease,Continue reading “HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 1”

HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 16

(The text is a sample from my work on HanCinema.net and belongs to HanCinema.) Entertainers¬†has fallen into a predictable pattern: the fallen will redeem themselves except for CEO Joon-seok, and not even that is set in stone. Characters aren’t developing as much as reacting to events. Tears are the main staple of emotional provocation. WhileContinue reading “HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 16”

HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 15

(The text is a sample from my work on HanCinema.net and belongs to HanCinema.) The elements of Entertainers¬†that make it poignant are also its weak points. Ji Seong is powerful in his delivery of melodrama and tears, the crying is appropriately moving, and the conflict is well set-up, if a bit slow. And that’s theContinue reading “HanCinema Review: Entertainers Episode 15”

Dramaland in Review #3

Hi all. I’ve been watching loads of stuff lately and some of it I love and some of it I haven’t been able to finish. I know I’m not watching some of the mega-popular shows (like Oh Have-young), but a girl only has so much time! Without further ado, checkout my short review of what’sContinue reading “Dramaland in Review #3”