Fashion King: Episode 12 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 11 eeked up a tad to 9.8%. It’s negligable. As is my love for this show at the moment.

This recap was really hard to start. I just didn’t want to do it. The show is so confusing. But then it sucks me in. Then I get annoyed. Then I squee. Help. I need therapy to watch it.

Special thanks to Hitomiakiko from Akiko’s Morning Coffee for doing some translation for me! Actually, she does it a lot and it’s a lifesaver. She’s sweet about it and I appreciate it. Please check out her site as a thank you from me and those who enjoy my recaps. They’re not possible without her.

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Fashion King: Episode 11 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 10 dropped a percentage point to 9.6%. I can’t really blame viewers. This show is suffering from severe multiple personality disorder.

So this website is called “Raine’s Dichotomy“. I think my emotions this episode really embody that. Brain versus heart. I was dreading writing this recap because I really didn’t think I knew what to write besides exactly what happened. My brain was completely appalled. My heart was moved.

Special thanks to Hitomiakiko from Akiko’s Morning Coffee for doing some spot translation for me!

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Padam Padam: Episode 11 Recap

by: Raine with comments by a most awesome, albeit rabbit obsessed, MadDino

Raine: The ending of last episode left me trying not to hate Ji-na right for jumping to insane conclusions, saying that her mother died because of Kang-chil and other nasty and sundry things. But, I can’t help this hate that wells within me for wimpy, wilty, woe-is-me women. Does she get off of Raine’s hit list by the end of this episode? Read on and find out…

Deeno: You have a hit list? Who else is on it?

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