Rooftop Prince: Episode 9 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino

Raine: Ratings went up again to 12.0% for this episode, but the three Wednesday/Thursday dramas are really really close each week, so it’s really hard to tell what the final outcome will be.

MadDino and I, contrary to popular opinion, really like Se-na. She kinda rocks the bad guy role and makes this story interesting. Just enjoy the build up. When she falls, she’s going to fall…HARD.

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Fashion King: Episode 9 Recap

by: Raine

Ratings rose according to AGB Neilsen from 9.0% to 9.7% for Episode 8. I bet it has to do with the OTP finally getting some screen time together and showing a bit of chemistry..

This is the episode where Young-gul and Ga-young’s romance could’ve started. But a few monkey wrenches get thrown in. I’m sure we will have a whole mess of misunderstandings caused by secrets and lack of communication starting next episode. As for this one, I should hate Jae-hyuk. I really should. And I should think Young-gul’s jealousy is stupid because he doesn’t say anything to Ga-young. Should. But these boys are too cute. An-na is pathetic. Ga-young needs to step up and affect change herself instead of riding the tide.

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