Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 16 (final) Recap

by: Raine — And here we have the end to our Alice’s journey into Wonderland. Our Mad Hatter/White Rabbit got to be adorable again for all of two seconds. We have conclusions for all of our major characters. But there is nothing neat about it. It’s hard to explain, so why don’t you read theContinue reading “Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 16 (final) Recap”

Rooftop Prince: Episode 20 (Final) Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino — Raine: EEEEEEEEH! OMG! It’s over. I’m suffering empty nest syndrome already. What an ending. So much heart.

Fashion King: Episode 20 (Final) Recap

by: Raine — Episode 20 came in at 9.6%. Ratings went up…how is that possible? AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s done! It’s done! Hoo-frickin’-ray! *happy dance* *busts open the beer and soju* Who wants? And about the actual episode: this was a horrible finale. I have the worst feeling in my gut right now. It’s not the content.Continue reading “Fashion King: Episode 20 (Final) Recap”