Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest

by: Raine


If you live in Fort Collins, the changes are that you’ve heard of NewWestFest, one of the biggest festivals this hip Colorado town puts on. It’s a three day festival full of food, tunes, beer, rides, and all around merriment. Headliners hit the main stage at 8:30 each night and daytime sported kids activities, tasty local food trucks, Colorado based crafts, and non-stop music on four different stages. I hit the festival for one of the days, but the town was buzzing with the happenings in Old Town, the location of the festival. Continue reading

Raine is in Colorado!

by: Raine

Hello my lovely, lovely readers. I know this summer has been rather dry at the Dichotomy, but starting this weekend I’ll be back. I have to do my research on what’s happening in K-drama land. I know my beloved is contemplating a new drama. YES! But tell me what you’re looking forward to or currently enjoying watching.

As for me, I’ve relocated to Fort Collins, CO and I’m still in the midst of setting up house. Today is the most wonderful day when I GOT THE INTERNET! HOORAY!

Timmy had a rough go of it but he’s finally settling down. He loves the staircase. Pictures will come as soon as the house is presentable.

I’m searching for students, a rather daunting task, but I’m up for the challenge.

As always, love you guys. I’ll be back in full force soon!