Pasta: Character Introductions

by: Raine — Welcome to Pasta’s character page where you will find morsels of information to remind you of what you already know about the characters. Or, it will introduce you to characters that were established in episodes 1 to 11 that I did not review on my blog. I will include a few spoilersContinue reading “Pasta: Character Introductions”

Pasta: Episode 15 Recap

by: Raine — Yay! Show, you redeemed yourself. Chep, you did, too. As long as you stop verbally assaulting everyone. But the reason I’m happy is we had a smidgeon of plot movement. Thank you Former Manager Seol aka Mr. PICK-UL aka the Grinch. Because of your severe inferiority complex, I was greatly entertained.

Pasta: Episode 14 Recap

by: Raine — I’m going to say this now: I’m in awe of those of you who post everyday. I’m having a hard time of it. So I decided to move Pasta recaps to Thursdays so I have Wednesdays free to work on it. I want to deliver quality to my faithful readers and toContinue reading “Pasta: Episode 14 Recap”

Pasta: Episode 12 Recap

by Raine Raine here to pick up the Pasta baton and run with the delightful Gong Hyo-jin and Lee Seon-kyun to the finish. I am a dramabeans junkie and I am only too glad to try my hand at the recaps that are like internet crack to K-drama lovers like myself. And now for episodeContinue reading “Pasta: Episode 12 Recap”

Plans for the K-Drama half of Raine’s Dichotomy

by: Raine — Currently I’m working on my very first recap. Oh holy hell its hard. I bow down to the recapping gods. My lack of knowledge of the language has me jumping to different translations and really thinking about what I know of the culture to properly recap. But it’s fun. I plan toContinue reading “Plans for the K-Drama half of Raine’s Dichotomy”