Raine’s 2013 Year-End Review! The Year of Unfulfilled Potential

by: Raine

Lisa large final

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This year was the year of unfulfilled potential. So many fantastic premises came out with fantastic casting and fantastic directors and writers and huge budgets. And most of it fell flat. I won’t say that I didn’t have fun immersing myself in dramaland, I just felt like it was not up to snuff.

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2013 Polls: A Year of Unfulfilled Potential in K-dramaland

by: Raine

CM Capture 118(Kim Yu-mi as Lee Jin-sook from Heartless City)

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to assess the hours that we’ve invested into dramaland and hope that all that time was worth it. Here are some polls, so cast your vote, leave your opinions in the comments and tell me your holiday wishes for next year! Did this year’s dramas fulfill their potential or fail miserably? Continue reading

Good Doctor: The side effects of artistic license (Episode 6 Review)

by: Raine

It’s taken me awhile to think of how I wanted to present my take on episode 6. There are so many psychological issues broached that I had a hard time figuring out what angle I should take. I am NOT an expert on feral children although my psych studies did tell me that the case in this show was mishandled. Along with that, Si-on’s behavior is becoming less “autistic”. It’s all the result of artistic license. Continue reading

Good Doctor: The manipulation of autism (Episode 5 Review)

by: Raine

Writer Park Jae-bum has started to use Si-on’s autism as a story tool rather than represent the disability sincerely. This is because there is no other way for the plotline to advance in the manner that Jae-bum ssi wishes it to. He wants people to start to see Si-on for who he is rather than just “that autistic guy”. But, he’s trying to make Si-on himself convince them without any outside help and does so by seriously manipulating autistic traits that were established in earlier episodes. Continue reading

Good Doctor: How to explain autism (Episode 4 Review)

by: Raine

Less Si-on and more politics is not a good direction for this show. While it’s all good and well to see the good guys fight the bad guys, it sucks when we have to watch all the tedium that comes with political battles. However, I will admit that one aspect of the politics is realistic. It was something I had hoped would be touched upon: dealing with parents. It’s an issue that would come up if a person with autism held a position of authority. However, the show handles it badly. It becomes another incident use solely to create tension rather than a situation to educate and explain Continue reading

Good Doctor: How to create a good doctor (Episode 3 Review)

by: Raine

Good Doctor. The title of this show can mean so many things. It can mean that Park Si-on is an untapped  “good doctor”. It can ask the question, “Can he be a good doctor?” It can also ask, “What is a good doctor?” I want to add in there, does addressing any of these questions make this a good show? It seems Good Doctor is using autism and other medical “conditions” and “situations” to create tensions rather than use them organically to explore the world of the hospital with Si-on in it. Continue reading