Holiday Greetings and Ruminations


(Russian River, California)

I want to share my holiday and year-end greetings with all of you, the people who I’ve met in person in the U.S., my home country, in my travels all over the world, and in internet communities. I treasure the relationships we have created and the diversity and richness you’ve brought to my life. Continue reading

Ten Reasons Why My Mom is the BEST

by: Raine

(Momma Raine and Raine, age 2; I used this picture on last year’s post, but it’s so beautiful and so is my mom!)

This is my second year of posting a public declaration of love to my mother on Mother’s Day. I love doing it. I love my mom and other people should know about it! Mom, here are ten reasons (ONLY ten) why I think you’re the BEST! Continue reading