Exclusive Interview: Martin Espinosa, Bassist of Uther Pendragon

Mark, Bruce, Steve Curtis-electronics tech. (fill in for drummer), Martin

(My dad, Martin Espinosa, is on the far right…and younger than me in this picture!!)

Meet my dad, Martin Espinosa, as he talks about Uther Pendragon’s recently released album, their album release party, and a bit of the history behind the album.

So my dad is an amazing man, and I’m a little late for Father’s Day, but I totally got this interview out in time for his band reunion.

And on a Father’s Day note, I’m really happy to be this man’s daughter. He’s a living example of a great human being, a creative soul, an attentive husband, doting father, and a caring friend. Also, he’s in a rock band. That’s. Cool. If you wonder why I’m musically gifted, look no further, except maybe at mom, too. 😉 Please enjoy the short interview of the man I call “daddy” that I did with him at Estes Park. He came out to celebrate my birthday, and I took a chance to celebrate him.


Join me in Interviewing Jasper Cho!


Man, I love my job sometimes. See that man in that picture? HanCinema and I get to interview him.

And guess what?

YOU have a chance to as well. If you want to ask an interview question of Jasper Cho/Cho Tae-gwan/조태관, the very handsome man who plays Dr. Daniel in Descendants of the Sun, click the link below and leave your name, location, and a question for Jasper Cho. Two very lucky fans will have their question answered by Jasper himself.

Click here to ask him your question!

Interview with Sistar

by: Raine


So yes, I get to say it: I interviewed Sistar! SQUEEEE!

Yes, they’re really that beautiful in person, and yes, it was really fun. Not only am I a fan of their music, especially Hyorin’s powerhouse voice, but several of them are actresses. These girls have been rocking the limelight since 2010 and show no sign of stopping.

Six of the Korea Joa 2015 members got to ask questions and it was fun hearing all of the questions and answers.

Click hear to watch my interview with Sistar!

Raine Interviewed by Lafemmeroar

by: Raine

This week I was lucky enough to be chosen as the interviewee for Lafemmeroar’s weekly “Crazy Chicks Club” featured interview.

The segment comes out on Thursdays and you’ll really enjoy reading about all of the crazy chicks who are a part of her club.

Here’s a preview of my interview and you can click on the link to read MOAR! (Yes, I mention you-know-HOO)

This week, meet Raine:

Why are you a Crazy Chick?

I like Korean drama and I’m so white that I’m translucent. I learn languages for fun. I would stay in school until I die if I had the money. I’m a classical musician in the day and age of synthesized music. And, I follow Lafemmeroar’s blog.

Check out the rest of the interview!

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