HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 3

Jackpot is still on top of the Monday/Tuesday pack coming in at 11.6%. The appearance of the long awaited Jang Geun-seok can’t have hurt the rating, but it was Lee Moon-sik who really stole the show. After the hustle and bustle of the first few episodes, his character settles down and really allows the actorContinue reading “HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 3”

HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 2

Jackpot is once again the highest rated of the new shows at 12.2% for episode 2. From the outside, the drama is all glitz and glitter: beautiful choreography, stunning naturescapes, keen camera storytelling. But its insides are messier: jumpy character sketches, repetitive themes, and illogical schemes. These may work themselves out with time as manyContinue reading “HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 2”

HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 1

In the new slew of dramas Jackpot came in on top at 11.8% again Monster (7.3%) and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho (10.1%). Director Nam Geon‘s directing style is grand and direct, while Kwon Soon-gyoo‘s writing takes on its trademark meandering style. The two don’t quite fit together, but the epic quality of the first episodeContinue reading “HanCinema Review: Jackpot Episode 1”

K-drama tunes, ‘cello style: “Hello, Hello”

by: Raine — –Welcome to “K-drama tunes, ‘cello style” where Raine takes a tune and spins it for an instrument that was cool when Bach rocked.– Today’s tune hails from the 2010 drama, Mary Stayed Out All Night, starring Jang Geun-seok, Moon Geun-young and Kim Jae-wook.