HanCinema Interview with Jasper Cho

  (Image and text are samples from my work on HanCinema.net and belong to HanCinema.) Hello HanCinema fans! I am so pleased to bring you our interview with Jasper Cho, the talented young actor who just finished an amazing run as Dr. Daniel Spencer in the hottest drama of the year, Descendants of the Sun.Continue reading “HanCinema Interview with Jasper Cho”

Join me in Interviewing Jasper Cho!

Man, I love my job sometimes. See that man in that picture? HanCinema and I get to interview him. And guess what? YOU have a chance to as well. If you want to ask an interview question of Jasper Cho/Cho Tae-gwan/조태관, the very handsome man who plays Dr. Daniel in Descendants of the Sun, click the link belowContinue reading “Join me in Interviewing Jasper Cho!”