Full House Take 2: Character Introductions

by: Raine

Are you guys ready for it? It’s time for another joint madcap recap by your favorite madcapping duo, Raine and MadDino! We’ve decided to take on the 2004 Full House remake that follows a K-pop duo called Take One that becomes inextricably linked to a hapkido instructor. It’s based on the manhwa by Woo Son-yeon.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we’re in for a lot of laughs and a lot of snark.

Because the show divides each episode into two parts so that it airs four days a week instead of two, we’re going to post twice a week and cover a complete episode. So, MadDino will host odd-numbered episodes (that air Monday and Tuesday) and I will host even-numbered episodes (that air Wednesday and Thursday).

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