Big: Episode 1 Recap

by: Raine — Here it is folks, coming in at 7.9% (AGB Nielson National), BIG! It lived up to my expectations. Fine acting, gorgeous cinematography, witty dialogue and I’m already invested in the characters and the story. Not to mention, nekkid Gong Yoo for 10 minutes. *angels sing* Warning: I will be traveling for twoContinue reading “Big: Episode 1 Recap”

Big: Character Introductions UPDATED!

by: Raine — Here is is folks, my most anticipated drama, Big. Tom Hanks, you better watch this! Speaking of, I want a piano playing session on a ginormous floor piano and a little stint with our characters watching the American film. Cheesy, I know, but I WANT IT! Pay homage, man. Pay homage. SoContinue reading “Big: Character Introductions UPDATED!”