HanCinema Feature: Top 8 Highlights of KCON New York

(Image courtesy of CJ E&M. Text is a sample of my writing on┬áHanCinema.net and belongs to HanCinema.) The second year of KCON New York held July 24 and July 25 at the Prudential Center shaped up to be an incredible event that attracted 42,000 Hallyu fans, nearly two and a half times as many fansContinue reading “HanCinema Feature: Top 8 Highlights of KCON New York”

Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30: My moment of glory!

(Image courtesy of dailydot) Hi all! As you know I just got back from a hot, hot, hot weekend at KCON New York 2016 where I had the honor and privilege of being on two panels. One of them, “Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30,” made it into a dailydot article by Colette Bennet!!Continue reading “Secret Life of K-pop Fans Over 30: My moment of glory!”

HanCinema: Second Day at KCON New York 2016!

Day 2 of KCON New York was just as exciting as day 1. I didn’t have any panels so I got to visit beauty booths, collect giveaways for you guys, try food, and meet the fans. I red carpeted again and I have some awesome shots for you guys! Please stay tuned for more coverage,Continue reading “HanCinema: Second Day at KCON New York 2016!”

HanCinema: First Day in KCON New York 2016!

Guys! I did it. I made it to #KCON16NY and it was awesome. So action-packed and fun. Here is the link to my coverage from yesterday and please expect more personal coverage here on the Dichotomy after the hullaballoooooo of everything Hallyu dies down. For now, I shot Park Bo-yeong, Im Siwan, Seventeen, Crush, DynamicContinue reading “HanCinema: First Day in KCON New York 2016!”

[HanCinema’s Event News] We’re Going to #KCON16NY!

WHOOOO!!!! I’m going to KCON NY!!!! I’m so excited. I’ll have the help of my HanCinema team and the excitement of Hallyu fans roaming everywhere! I’m going to be on panels and it’s going to be SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to meet my colleagues and fellow fans. Are you guys going? Click hereContinue reading “[HanCinema’s Event News] We’re Going to #KCON16NY!”