Park Shi-hoo in a New Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice! ASA!

by: Raine — (Nom, nom, frickin’ nom!) I know I’ve been absent from the Dichotomy due to, y’know, life. But what kind of true fan and negligent blogger would I be if I didn’t post about Park Shi-hoo breaking out of his several-month-long dramaland disappearance? He’s appearing in Cheondam dong Alice (and hopefully nothing withContinue reading “Park Shi-hoo in a New Drama, Cheongdam-dong Alice! ASA!”

Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 17 Cute Kiss

by: Raine — Good golly Rooftop Prince, you are making me such a happy woman. So many kisses to aniGIF! The Prince finally “takes care of her mouth” as I thought he should in the first few episodes.

Fashion King aniGIF: Episode 16 Kiss

by: Raine — Holy. Mother. Of. God. *fans self* —

Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 12 Kiss

by: Raine — This is all anyone needs to say about this… *Squeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Prosecutor Princess aniGIF: Episode 7 Bucket Delivery

by: Raine — This is when Seo In-woo (PARK SHI-HOO) delivers items to¬† Ma Hye-ri (KIM SO-YEON) via bucket attached to a fishing pole. He looks so darn pleased with himself and that smile is to die for. *drool*

Prosecutor Princess aniGIF: Episode 7 Stolen Kiss

by: Raine — This is when Seo In-woo (PARK SHI-HOO) steals a kiss from Ma Hye-ri (KIM SO-YEON) in order to provoke Yoon Se-joon (HAN JUNG-SOO). We all know he wanted to kiss her. And we all liked watching him kiss her!

Park Shi-hoo the Mini-series: The Photogallery

by: Raine — (Gorgeous, even when not naked. Yes MadDino, I said that for you. -Love, Perverted Unni) So I decided to share the love. Here are pictures of uri Park Shi-hoo that I’ve pilfered from the internet. Oh, the glorious internet. I will, of course, constantly add.