First Interview of Korea Joa 2015: Director General of KOFICE

by: Raine — My first interview of the Korea 2015 was with Director General Kim Deok-jung. My HanCinema review contains the transcript of the interview, but let me just say that Director General Kim is one classy guy. He gifted everyone a bag of goodies on behalf of KOFICE. He cleans up quite nicely inContinue reading “First Interview of Korea Joa 2015: Director General of KOFICE”

Meet Raine, Hancinema correspondent to South Korea!

by: Raine — About a week ago HanCinema, the blog that I write for, was invited to travel to South Korea to cover the Busan International Film Festival and the Asian Song Festival.¬†You’re reading the words of the correspondent representing HanCinema! *pauses to KYAAAAAAA* Not only that, but I have a marvelous partner in crime,Continue reading “Meet Raine, Hancinema correspondent to South Korea!”