Lisa’s Diary – Myeongdong

by: Raine


Hi all! My first diary piece it out on HanCinema. It covers the neighborhood of Myeongdong as I experienced it before the start of Korea Joa 2015. If you don’t know it, they use it like EVERY DRAMA EVAR! No seriously. Even better…there’s a CAT CAFE! You can pet kitties and drink tasty drinks….and PET KITTIES! So amazing. I’m one cat short of being a cat lady as you all know, and I loved this place so much I went back again! Anywho:

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Korea 2015: What I Packed

by: Raine


What did I pack? The question is: What didn’t I pack? The kitchen sink. Normally I’m a backpacker. I have a travel bag and purse and that’s it. I march my way around places I’ve never been with the bare minimum. However, this time is different. I’ll be bunking down at the Ritz Carlton in Seoul with my fellow journalists, bloggers, photographers, and K-culture and entertainment aficionados and a-holics. I figured, what the hell? I’ve never overpacked before, so I packed everything I always wanted to take and never could. On my return trip, I’ll let you know what was completely useless and what I definitely should’ve brought!

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Introduction to My Korea Trip!

by: Raine


Hi All! I’m off to Korea for the Korea Joa program sponsored by KOFICE! Read all about my upcoming plans! CLICK HERE! My adventures will be documented on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the Dichotomy, and, of course, on Hancinema! check it all.

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Jo Jung-seok: The Photogallery

by: Raine

(Jo Jung-seok for Sure magazine. KYAAA!)

My love started during What’s Up? but we all know what happened to every single person watching King 2 Hearts: instant obsession with this amazing man. I could wax poetic (and esoteric) about how his musical prowess makes my ovaries explode (thanks JoAnne unni for that amazing term) or how his incredible acting makes my retinas detach themselves from my eyeballs and adhere to the computer screen. But I won’t. I’ll just share some pretty, pretty pictures of oppa and let you enjoy.

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