HanCinema’s Introduction Post on, well, ME!

by: Raine — (Me interviewing two journalists from Yonhap News Agency, Korea’s largest news agency) As you all probably already know, I headed out to Korea for two weeks and it was amazing. I’m going to keep you up to date with all of my HanCinema posts that will include formal reviews and diary-like entriesContinue reading “HanCinema’s Introduction Post on, well, ME!”

Korea 2015: What I Should’ve Packed

by: Raine — (Gyeongbokgung – Gyeongbok Palace) The results of overpacking? There is a reason they call it overpacking! I totally had it right when I was backpacking. Let’s take a look at what I brought and what I totally didn’t need to bring and what I wish I had brought and what was rightContinue reading “Korea 2015: What I Should’ve Packed”

Korea 2015: What I Packed

by: Raine — What did I pack? The question is: What didn’t I pack? The kitchen sink. Normally I’m a backpacker. I have a travel bag and purse and that’s it. I march my way around places I’ve never been with the bare minimum. However, this time is different. I’ll be bunking down at theContinue reading “Korea 2015: What I Packed”