Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Review of Episode 2

by: Raine I avoided watching the second episode for a few days. My hope was that it would redeem the show. My fear was that it wouldn’t. Even if it didn’t, I know some dramas take a while to find their stride. If this episode didn’t uphold my desire for greatness, I promised myself toContinue reading “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: Review of Episode 2”

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: First Impressions

by: Raine After the first episode aired on Monday, I had to wait for it to be subbed. During that unbearably long waiting period, I avoided reviews and recaps to keep my opinion unbiased. Whilst haunting dramabeans (and desperately avoiding spoilers), I did see that my fellow OT members dubbed the drama “Flower Boy RAWRyumContinue reading “Flower Boy Ramyun Shop: First Impressions”

Hello world!

by: Raine — Let’s leave the title that wordpress.com has given me and run with it. Hello world! I’m Raine and I’m opinionated. I’m a sentient being who makes her living with music and absolutely LOVES being a musician. But that’s not all I am. When asked, “What do you do for a living?” IContinue reading “Hello world!”