Raine Interviewed by Lafemmeroar

by: Raine

This week I was lucky enough to be chosen as the interviewee for Lafemmeroar’s weekly “Crazy Chicks Club” featured interview.

The segment comes out on Thursdays and you’ll really enjoy reading about all of the crazy chicks who are a part of her club.

Here’s a preview of my interview and you can click on the link to read MOAR! (Yes, I mention you-know-HOO)

This week, meet Raine:

Why are you a Crazy Chick?

I like Korean drama and I’m so white that I’m translucent. I learn languages for fun. I would stay in school until I die if I had the money. I’m a classical musician in the day and age of synthesized music. And, I follow Lafemmeroar’s blog.

Check out the rest of the interview!

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