HanCinema Film Review: Phantom Detective


So the New York Times didn’t like the film, but I sure did. People are so invested into adrenaline-pumping films nowadays that slower-paced films are often blindly dismissed. Don’t do that to “Phantom Detective!”

Here’s a snippet of my HanCinema review:

Director Jo Sung-hee’s Phantom Detective is a play on the crime noir complete with anti-hero Hong Gil-dong (Lee Je-hoon), a decrepit town, deranged villains, and stylized filming that brings the world of the comic book to life. There are also two unlikely sidekicks, two little girls who rework Gil-dong’s damaged psyche over the course of the film.

Phantom Detective was released in Korea May 4, 2016 and 508,000 filmgoers (19.9%) sat down to watch a modern take of the classic Korean tale of “Hong Gil Dong”. Last weekend, May 13, 2016, the film premiered in Los Angeles and May 20 saw a wider North American release.

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Raine’s 2012 Year-End Review!

by: Raine

This year was really a wild ride. It was my second full year as a k-drama watcher and my first full year blogging. Phew. Did 2012 go by as quickly for you as it did for me?

Some of it I loved, and some of it left  me lukewarm. There were a few dramas I really wish I could obliterate from my memory. But the good ones made up for it, ’cause there were some GOOD dramas.

The reviews will be highly biased and highly noninclusive. It’s about what I remembered at the end of the year 2012. How did these shows impact me? Am I still salivating? Or did I forget it existed until I had to write this thing?

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Fashion King: Episode 20 (Final) Recap

by: Raine

Episode 20 came in at 9.6%. Ratings went up…how is that possible?

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! It’s done! It’s done! Hoo-frickin’-ray! *happy dance* *busts open the beer and soju* Who wants?

And about the actual episode: this was a horrible finale. I have the worst feeling in my gut right now. It’s not the content. It’s the delivery. The context…or the lack thereof. I’m not moved. Rather, I’m confused. That’s not a good way to leave your viewer.

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Fashion King: Episode 19 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 19 remained stagnant at 9.5%. In the picture above, I imagine Jae-hyuk thinking this: “We can get through two more episodes of this nightmare. *fistpump* And then I’ll get to go visit Raine as she recovers from her bilateral carpel tunnel surgery that she’s having on Friday.” Of course, that isn’t what he’s doing at all, but a girl can dream.

I want to shoot myself when I watch this show. It’s so boring now. I don’t even want to know what happens. But, I have readers to attend to so onward we go!

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Fashion King: Episode 18 Recap

by: Raine

Episode 18 came in at 9.5%.

This episode tried to highlight the “issues” that were brought up earlier in the drama like Young-gul’s fear of abandonment, Ga-young’s need for acceptance and Jae-hyuk’s daddy issues. But as far as I’m concerned, they were so badly established, that I was left wanting. In order to establish such things, writernim, you need to have coherency and some semblance of a linear plot line.

At least there was two seconds of cute. Sort of. And Yu-ri has really amazing legs. I want them.

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