Fashion King: Episode 9 Recap UPDATE

by: Raine — Hello all. Sorry for the delay in posting the recap. My work has my swamped and I’m actually writing this during my break. Thanks for your patience! EDIT: EPISODE 9 RECAP UP! Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19,Continue reading “Fashion King: Episode 9 Recap UPDATE”

Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap

by: Raine — I’m hijacking my own post. There has been an earthquake near Indonesia and now there are worries for a possible tsunami. I pray it doesn’t happen. Be safe my Southeast Asian chingus!!!!!! This post is dedicated to you. — Episode 7, according to AGB Nielson, dropped to 9.0%, decreasing by 1.4%. I’mContinue reading “Fashion King: Episode 8 Recap”

Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap

by: Raine — Episode 6 came in at 10.4% according to AGB Nielsen. A 0.3% increase!  Rock on! Thanks to Joencorner for finding this info! This episode really gave us some plot fodder to munch on. Hooray! The men folk are using the women folk. The women folk are in need of some backbone miracleContinue reading “Fashion King: Episode 7 Recap”

Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap

by: Raine — Episode 5 rose in ratings, 10.1%. Now that the plotline is settling in, I think the ratings will be a bit better. I’m not sure about them rising yet. Thanks for all the support for these recaps everyone! This episode, however, drove me a little bonkers. I want to take out bothContinue reading “Fashion King: Episode 6 Recap”

Fashion King: Episode 5 Recap

by: Raine — Episode 4 eeked .2% higher to 9.6%. It’s still beating Love Rain, which I have yet to watch. This episode was sooooo much better in terms of plot. After four episodes of some serious wandering, it’s starting to settle in. And I can’t decide who I’m shippin’.

Fashion King: Cast in W Korea April Issue

by: Raine — Fashion King‘s cast has a small spread in W Korea’s April issue. While the drama is still on rather precarious footing, the leads’ ability to look hot, Hot, HOT is not. Please enjoy! And thank you Soompi for alerting me to this juiciness. Too bad Lee Je-hoon isn’t as well represented….