Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 14 Tae-mu Smirk

by: Raine — Here is my apology for messing up the title for the recap. Here you go Deeno! Tae-mu is threatening the Panda and he looks so hot doing it. There’s a little eyebrow flick that is SO sexy. Check it, yo.

Rooftop Prince: Episode 14 Recap

by: the Madcap Duo, Raine and MadDino — Raine: We’ve risen to 11.6%! Asa! I love how this plotline keeps on going. It doesn’t slow down. In fact, things get reveled faster than I expected them to and really makes me anticipate what’s coming next. I thought most of this stuff would take longer toContinue reading “Rooftop Prince: Episode 14 Recap”

Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 14 Tracksuit Trio Drooling

by: Raine —  The Tracksuit Trio enjoys one of the great perks of modern living for the male homo sapien: the bikini.

Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 14 Panda and Park Ha Washing Clothes

by: Raine — There ain’t nothing like domestic activity to help a panda get his flirt on.

Rooftop Prince: Episode 13 Recap Link

by: Raine — Rooftop Prince dropped a whole percentage point in ratings again to 10.3%!!! I seriously don’t get it. I love King 2 Hearts so I get how much that rocks. I haven’t watched Equator Man, but these ratings make no sense. Dropping? I’m totally invested in this drama. I suppose that’s all thatContinue reading “Rooftop Prince: Episode 13 Recap Link”

Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 12 Kiss

by: Raine — This is all anyone needs to say about this… *Squeeeeeeeeeeeee*

Rooftop Prince aniGIF: Episode 13 Panda Smirk

by: Raine — So I can’t get over any time that the Panda Prince/Lee Gak smirks so I had to post this one before subs came out.