2013 Polls: A Year of Unfulfilled Potential in K-dramaland

by: Raine

CM Capture 118(Kim Yu-mi as Lee Jin-sook from Heartless City)

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to assess the hours that we’ve invested into dramaland and hope that all that time was worth it. Here are some polls, so cast your vote, leave your opinions in the comments and tell me your holiday wishes for next year! Did this year’s dramas fulfill their potential or fail miserably? Continue reading

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 50 (final) Recap

by: Raine

I did it! I recapped 50 episodes! 25 weeks! Half a year! I’m a recapping BEAST! We are at the end of the road for Soon-shin. While she may have been the best, her drama left me wanting. Still, there were some really beautiful moments and I appreciate the show for giving me that…and Jo Jung-seok! And IU!

Onwards to the final recap!

AGB Nielson Nationwide had this episode coming in at 30.1%.

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