Master’s Sun: Episode 3 Madcap Link

by: Raine — Our second week and we’re going strong. Deeno hosts odd episodes. I host even ones. I also love Myung-soo! Master’s Sun: Episode 3 Madcap Click. Read. Comment. — Recaps: 1, 2, 3 Hancinema reviews: 1, 2, 3

Master’s Sun: Episode 1 Madcap Link

by: Raine — The madcap duo is back with the Hong Sisters’ new zany drama. Just a refresher in case you haven’t experienced the madcap before, Deeno and I take turns hosting recaps. She gets odds. I get evens. For this first madcap, you click the link below to take a trip to her asylumContinue reading “Master’s Sun: Episode 1 Madcap Link”

Raine’s 126th Post!

by: Raine — Happy 126th Post! Raine’s Dichotomy has reached it’s second big milestone: 126 posts! *clap* *cheer* *hoop* *hollar* Like I said last time, we’re going in 63s! Why? Because I can. I like the number 63. It’s fun and now no longer random! It has deep meaning here at Raine’s Dichotomy.