Rooftop Prince: Episode 1 Recap Link

by: Raine — STOKED! Episode 1 of Rooftop Prince is out! Me and the master of MadDinoAsylum, Deeno the Great, have toiled hard and long, through pretty, laughs, pretty, Joseon, 21st-century Seoul, pretty, screencaps galore and awesome Viki subbers to bring you this collaborative recap. Please most graciously click the link below to read theContinue reading “Rooftop Prince: Episode 1 Recap Link”

Rooftop Prince: Dedication to Micky Yoochun and Stills

by: Raine — This post is dedicated to Park Yoochun AKA Micky Yoochun, his brother Park Yuhwan and their family who made themselves ill from lack of food and water while staying vigil at their father’s funeral. He passed away from chronic illness in the early afternoon of March 14, 2012.¬†MadDino and I will beContinue reading “Rooftop Prince: Dedication to Micky Yoochun and Stills”

Rooftop Prince: Press Conference Video and Stills

by: Raine — More Rooftop Prince media. Why? Because they’re rockin’ the promos. Don’t forget, MadDino and I will be joint recapping when it, hopefully, airs March 21, 2012. One week from today, White Day! Happy White Day! HWAITING! Yeah! This picture told me I’m getting White Day candy from all of them… Pictures don’tContinue reading “Rooftop Prince: Press Conference Video and Stills”

Rooftop Prince: Couple Stills and Teasers

by: Raine — Hello all! You’re going to get some Rooftop Prince lovin’, too. MadDino and I will be joint recapping this so here’s some juicy morsels to keep us going until it airs March 21, 2012 (WE HOPE!) Micky Yoochun and Han Ji-min. CUTE! *SQUEE*

Raine’s 63rd Post!

by: Raine — Happy 63rd Post! People always celebrate milestones. A couple’s 25th anniversary. A radio station’s 10 years on air. A club’s 50,000 person membership. Usually those milestones are counted in even numbers. Well not here! We’re going in 63s! Why? Because I can. I like the number 63. It’s fun and sassy.