Things a Miamian needs to learn when moving to a mountain state

by: Raine — Foothills are NOT mountains. Yes, everything in Florida is flat so the emergence of a geographical point that is taller than Mount Trashmore may SEEM like a mountain, but it is not. Still, they’re SO tall! And slopey. And scary! Can’t it be a mountain to someone who is from 20 feetContinue reading “Things a Miamian needs to learn when moving to a mountain state”

The Awkward Greeting Shuffle (AGS)

The Cheek Kiss Gone Wrong: A Miami Girl’s foray into the Awkward Greeting Shuffle. by: Raine — As a denizen of Miami, born and raised, the kiss on the cheek has been a staple of my everyday life. When I meet someone new, I smile, maybe offer a hand…and then I give them a kissContinue reading “The Awkward Greeting Shuffle (AGS)”